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About IDEA Lab >>Why IDEA Lab

Our expertise in R&D, Product Development & Product Engineering service offerings are customized to help our partners build complex, sophisticated and commercially viable niche software products in emerging technologies and platforms cost effectively.

IDEA Lab's Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) helps businesses to create an integrated product development environment across the enterprise in diversified industries such as - High Tech, Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, Consumer Electronics, Professional Services and Office Automation.

At IDEA Lab, the focus is in doing R&D;, developing Prototype and POCs (Proof of Concepts) by aligning the emerging enterprise technologies to the business requirements.

What Makes Us Different?
Realizing customer needs and acquiring innovative technologies through idea management: IDEALAB for Open Innovation
Cultivate external ideas - Increase potential for innovation – Ensure competitive advantages

We do our best to transfer a lot of our know-how regarding the success factors for innovation management to you. In each area, we analyze your objectives and needs to help you turn ideas into a successful reality depending on many things, among them
  • the kinds of ideas you are looking for (ideas for new products and services vs. cost saving ideas)
  • the kinds of people you expect to contribute ideas
  • the business you are in
  • the mindset of your Organization and
  • the previous experience
IDEA Lab Competencies

We have created this special place to welcome you and keep you informed new technology developments, latest innovations that our IDEA Lab is working on. IDEA Lab develops advanced technology products on the emerging technologies and counts some of the world’s largest enterprises as clients. We enable our clients to realize new business opportunities and gain competitive advantage through our comprehensive engineering and diversified industry expertise.

Our proven experience in R&D, Product Development and Product Engineering brings you a number of advantages.

Our value propositions to our ISVs community include:

Reduced time to market: We offer a broad range of product design services at short notice, reducing your time to market.

Reduced Product Cost: Our R&D and Product Development teams follow the Onshore and Offshore Development Model to keep the cost low.
Product support: We provide ongoing product support by understanding your business focus and aligning your product with customer expectations.

Product Quality: Our Stringent quality control measures, which ensure high levels of quality in all our product developments.

Maximum ROI: In bridging the gap between product conceptualization and product development, we offer you an unparalleled advantage in maximizing returns on your investments.

Competitive market environments and complex product requirements have made it critical for product development companies to seek help from partners. We have modelled our ISV Services on the "Get-IT-Together" partnership model that transforms traditional outsourcing into a trusted business alliance. Leveraging an Offshore Development Center (ODC) approach, we provide outsourced product development services to the ISVs/ software product companies.

Our partnership model is backed by our product development knowledge, software development life-cycle management skills and product engineering practices, which makes us the ideal and trusted choice for software development services for our valuable ISVs around the globe.

Our product development services include

  • Research & Development
  • Tools and Platforms Research and Recommendations
  • Prototype or POC
  • Product Design and Development
  • Full Product Testing Cycle
  • Performance Testing and Tuning
  • Technical Documentation
  • Product Localization
  • Product Migration or Engineering

The mission of IDEA Lab is to offer the R&D Support Services and Product Development best practices to build economically viable, high-quality software products.