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Enterprise Computing
ZSL Store
An online shopping web application dedicated for ZSL products. The application has rich user interface and efficient functionalities like facilitating Administrators to take care of new product updates and reports generation, customer functionalities like products search, online payment and trail or licensed products download, etc.
The store has features to search products, add products to cart, download trail versions of each product for limited time span to explore new product features. This application reduces time when compared to other existing buy online products and supports PayPal payment gateway.
CLVR TV, a video shopping application designed for enabling the customers to do online shopping in a user-friendly manner, while watching product advertisement video. The application has features to view and select preferred video from the video category menu in the player, and play the preferred advertisement videos. When the advertisement is in the play mode, you can click on the hot spots (visible marks seen in the product’s surface) in the video to either know the product details or booking details. You can book the products online and place them in your shopping cart, and finally purchase all the booked items through a secure payment gateway.
ZSL’s ZyQue tool is developed to convert Active MQ inbound queues and data to websphere IBM MQ environment. The tooI is mainly for any company or third party provider who needs to migrate their business queue data from Active MQ (Only Inbound Queues) to IBM MQ.
The ZyQue has features to verify JBoss, Websphere server status, avoid overload of user to create inbound queues manually in IBM WebSphere MQ and view the Queues list from Queue Manager. Users do not require any specific knowledge on IBM-MQ. It’s an Asynchronous messaging (Point-to-Point) model.
Anti XSS
ZSL has developed an Anti-XSS solution around Java package which is a port to Java of the Microsoft Anti-Cross Site Scripting (Anti-XSS) v1.5 library for .NET applications, to prevent Cross-site scripting attacks.
The Anti-XSS solution had put a full stop to Cross-site scripting (XSS) which is a type of computer security vulnerability typically found in web applications allowing code injection by malicious web users into the web pages viewed by other users.
Using this package, customers can wrap up their application code, so that any form of data which contains malicious scripts would be removed and an encoded output is stored to the database.
SocNet, WS & CiC
The IDEA lab found ZSL’s Enterprise Computing SocNet as an appropriate solution for building a collaborative and productive social computing framework to connect and interact with all employees across the organization for sharing knowledge, vision and thoughts. IDEA lab opted Enterprise Computing SocNet solution for its more user friendly interactive platform built using rich technologies, tools and concepts of Web 2.0 like RIA, AJAX, RSS and more.
IDEA Lab SocNet was built on WebSphere sMash that uses web services to power its client-end and is hosted in Linux server. The AJAX and RIA features provided a rich interactive interface for users and sustaining a huge volume of traffic, a real time possibility due to partial refreshment of a screen scaled to a field or section owing for more interaction but less roundtrips with database.
ZSL’s Rich Text Editor is developed to provide users accustomed to HTML editing or other text editing applications, an easier and faster way of creating confluence pages. The application has features to enter content as you would document, and apply formatting simply by clicking icons on a toolbar.
The application best suits for RTE staff members who use social media tools in a personal capacity and Business users who require different editing behaviours and prefer a different rich text editor that provides out-of-the-box solution.
ZSL’s XMPP IM chat application is developed for largest e-businesses and communities, to handle thousands of concurrent users. The chat system is designed in such a way to be used by people right across the business, from manufacturing and distribution to marketing and finance. The chat solution is best suited for employees to exchange messages with their colleagues in different countries. The chat system has features to record history of the conversation, to set up chat rooms, so that many employees from different locations can join together to share ideas and make plans.
The use of this tool is now embedded in the company's culture and helps improving collaboration between globally dispersed teams. Use of the IM chat avoids the need for costly voice calls between countries and enables users to reduce international telephone expenses considerably. Mainly encourages employees to use instant messaging in place of telephoning their colleagues and also helps employees to work together better, thereby significantly reducing annual IT costs. The use of the chat application has enabled companies to realize important cost savings, without reducing the service provided to users. The IM chat is reliable, robust and secure.