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A Lab of Innovators

People are key, when delivering software solutions - as such we are obsessive about finding, developing and retaining prestigious customers!

We have constituted our team of people (employees) - our team has varied backgrounds in terms of social background, education and work experience. This diversity is our strength- we are able to draw from it both in the way we solve problems and interact with you.

We pride ourselves on our expertise- garnered from deep knowledge, practical experience and common sense. Our key people have excelled in their fields of study and gained knowledge from a worldwide skills pool to deliver global solutions.

Our team has been brought together with one aim- to help your business thrive. A team of people committed to add value to our clients. We grow as a company by growing our people. This insight is behind all our efforts to keep our people fulfilled and committed.

IDEA Lab is fast paced, energetic, dynamic environment that brings together the creativity, technology skills, experience and business acumen to shape the future by anticipating trends and developing new business solutions.

After our people, our reputation is our most important asset - and yours as well. A reputation for honesty and integrity is essential to our business and gives us the ability to form long-lasting relationships with Great people.