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Application development is the connecting bridge that enables an IDEA to complete the journey from conception to reality. Application development is as much about technology as it is about formulating business processes and refining them. Quality application development is the touchstone of identifying an established and mature software company. Developing quality applications has shaped our evolution and we do the whole nine yards of it.
We provide application development in the areas of
Web Application
Enterprise Application Integration
Business Intelligence and Data warehousing

We have a unique process and methodology of providing this quality service. Our methodology for offering application development services is as follows.

Survey: Custom application development needs a proper assessment of the domain of the application, the target audience, and the expected life of the application, current models / applications already in circulation, competition, lacunae / restrictions / limitations of existing systems

Blueprint: This stage depicts the visualization of the application in an abstract manner. We believes in investing time and thought into the design phase, as it will minimize rework and ambiguity at later stages of the development cycle. We are an experienced in adopting the right development model (waterfall, prototype, and spiral) depending on the size, complexity and time to deliver for any custom development.

Development: This stage marks the culmination of all abstract activities including design and architectural framework. This is the critical phase in which the design IDEAs and requirements are given a tangible and perceptible shape. This stage involves a close and tightly knit feedback loop which comprises

Good workmanship and code documentation
Cohesive and focused interaction
Quality Engineers
Validation of the implementation process with the design
Intuitive improvisation when needed
Demonstration of incremental builds for the client to see and analyze.
Development of accurate and relevant test plans strategies.
Maintaining source code integrity through effective code versioning (CVS, VSS etc).

Inspect: At ZSL, our Quality Assurance teams primary objective is to add value to the meticulous efforts put in by the developers. Our QA team has gained a reputation of providing precise unbiased quality services to both our in-house and external QA requirements and projects. Our QA team is well equipped with the state of the art technologies and tools and an approach that upholds the tradition of providing precise and unambiguous quality certification. At ZSL, QA is an iterative process until all the bugs are resolved

Evolution: All applications need handholding and maintenance. There are also instances of evolution of any given project. At ZSL, our evolution and maintenance services involve annual maintenance, maintenance on a need basis and emergency support.

JAVA/J2EE Solutions

Hibernate: Hibernate is a free, open source Java package that makes it easy to work with relational databases. Using Hibernate, we make use of the technique as if the database contains plain Java objects without having to worry about how to get them out of (or back into) mysterious database tables. It liberates to focus on the objects and features of your application, without having to worry about how to store them or find them later.

WebSphere: Refers to a brand of IBM software products that are mostly proprietary, although the term also popularly refers to one specific product: WebSphere Application Server (WAS). WebSphere helped define the middleware software category and is designed to set up, operate and integrate e-business applications across multiple computing platforms using Web technologies. It includes both the run-time components (like WAS) and the tools to develop applications that will run on WAS

Using the technology we can offer following solution
Application and Transaction Infrastructure
Application Integration
Application Transformation
Business Process Management
Mobile Middleware
WebLogic: Owned by BEA Systems, Inc, BEA WebLogic is a J2EE Platform product family that includes:
A J2EE application server, WebLogic Server
An enterprise portal, WebLogic Portal
An Enterprise Application Integration platform
A transaction server and infrastructure, WebLogic Tuxedo
A telecommunication platform, WebLogic Communication Platform
An HTTP web server
Using the technology we can offer following solution
Portal Solutions
SOA Governance
Business Solutions
Business Integration
Enterprise Social Computing
JBoss:JBoss is a Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) compatible application server. It has full support for J2EE Web Services and the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). It Supports the Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) model for developing middleware solutions. It tightly integrates with an existing object persistence framework called Hibernate. It improves clustering and distributed caching support with an internal caching architecture
Using JBOSS Server we provide following solutions
Migration Services
Load Balancing
PHP: Reflective programming language originally designed for producing dynamic web pages. PHP is used mainly in server-side scripting, but can be used from a command line interface or in standalone graphical applications.
Server-side Scripting
Command-line Scripting
Client-side GUI Applications
JasperSoft offers the most widely used open source business intelligence software in the world. Designed for both developers and businesses, the JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite is comprised of an interactive reporting server, graphical and ad hoc report design interfaces, OLAP analysis, an ETL tool for data integration, and a Java reporting library.
Interactive Data Analysis / OLAP
Interactive and Managed Reporting
High-performance Data Integration
Advanced on-demand Reporting
We use many techniques and technologies appropriately based on the need such as using springs, struts and JSP. Spring is a fantastic, lightweight application framework for Java that has some real benefits over more traditional, heavyweight frameworks. It may not be the be-all, end-all, but for a wide variety of projects, it is a better target platform than others. Struts is an open source framework for building Servlet/JSP based web applications based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design paradigm. The Model represents the business or database code, the View represents the page design code, and the Controller represents the navigational code.
Compiere is an integrated open source ERP and CRM business solution built on a powerful Model-driven Application Platform that gives the capabilities to run YOUR business, YOUR way. Compiere business solutions software automates all financial, distribution, sales and service processes etc quickly, affordably and easily.
MySQL software delivers a very fast, multi-threaded, multi-user, and robust SQL database server. It is intended for mission-critical, heavy-load production systems as well as for embedding into mass-deployed software
Alfresco / Joomla / Drupal
Alfresco is the Open Source Alternative for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), providing Document Management, Collaboration, Records Management, Knowledge Management, Web Content Management and Imaging.
Ubuntu simplifies the complexities of cloud computing. Ubuntu is the fastest route to a reliable cloud for your business: it is the only distribution which includes all the components you need to build a cloud straight away.
OS Commerce
OS Commerce is an online shop e-commerce solution that offers a wide range of out-of-the-box features that allows online stores to be setup quickly with ease.
ZSL’s OS Commerce has been taken to the next level, moving towards an e-commerce framework solution that not only remains easy to setup and maintain, but also making it easier for store administrators to present their stores to their customers with their own unique requirements.
Liferay Portal is the world's leading open source enterprise portal solution using the latest in Java, J2EE, and Web 2.0 technologies.
BIRT is an Eclipse-based open source reporting system for web applications, especially those based on Java and J2EE. BIRT has two main components: a report designer based on Eclipse, and a runtime component that you can add to your app server.
Open Pro
Open Pro is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) manufacturing software solution, integrating back office manufacturing with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), E-Commerce, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources and e-business capabilities to support today's extended enterprise. 
Pentaho & Board
The Pentaho Open BI Suite provides a full spectrum of business intelligence (BI) capabilities including reporting, analysis, dashboards, data mining, data integration, and a BI platform that have made it the world's most popular open source BI suite.