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About IDEA Lab >>Introduction
In the competitive environment Companies are obliged to indulge in new product development which is a result of research and development (R&D;) activities. Innovation cannot be successful unless the knowledge and information in the R&D; projects are effectively captured, shared and internalized by the R&D; project’s virtual team members. So to support the whole New Product Development Process, from ideation to commercialization of a new product, ZSL’s Centre of excellence IDEA (Innovative development of enterprise applications) Lab has come up with Research and Development team that have insisted on upgrading product features to provide excellent value to consumers.

IDEA Lab is founded in 2007 to provide R&D;, Product Development and Engineering Services to the ISVs and Solution Providers globally.

We built this website to support for innovation through a series of initiatives and actions aimed at developing products by innovators, as well as better innovation support services for SMEs, notably start-ups, by developing and testing new forms of business support and facilitating cooperation with a view to mobilize more resources for the creation of a new innovative products by focusing on developing Prototype and Proof of concept (POC) by aligning the emerging enterprise technologies to the Business requirements such as Business Intelligence, Open Source, Business Solutions, Enterprise Computing , Convergence Computing and Managed Services Competency.

Our team of R&D; experts works to understand your unique requirements and then designs and delivers creative solutions to exceed your expectations.

The mission of IDEA Lab is to enable our customers to be in step with the evolving technology trends by providing the latest state-of-the-art solution at most affordable costs and to support at every stage and a network of strategic partnerships to add value in whatever we deliver.