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GP Multicurrency is an end-to-end solution that automates the process of updating the current exchange rates of multiple currencies for the preferred time interval – through a single time setup and seamless interaction with world class data service providers like StrikeIron. The application provides a complete solution for retrieving the current exchanges rates using web-services & web-methods and updating the GP multicurrency module to avoid manual currency rate entry processes.
The Multicurrency module helps maintaining productive relationships with International Customers and Vendors, while handling transactions in any number of currencies. The application provides two options either you can schedule the update process or perform this in a single click. Allows maintaining exchange rates for multiple companies, so that exchange rate movements can have a significant impact on company's returns and companies can see significant shifts in their profitability.
Sales Order Processing
ZSL’s Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing (SOP) is an add-on component developed to supplement the functional needs of the business managers to remotely create sales orders and automatically update it into GP. The application has features to edit data in the excel sheet from any remote location, update the edited data into GP and create a sales order. This add-on component is cost effective and dynamic in offering you end-to-end solutions in automating the process of generating sales orders remotely and integrating it into Microsoft Dynamics GP.
Our GP SOP add-on solution aims to comply with the business managers’ compelling needs of quickening the sales order creation process, creating remote sales order and minimizing the human slips. Our add-on solution cushions your comfort in using Microsoft GP as your enterprise’s business management solution at very low cost investment.
ZSL built a custom solution based on Microsoft Share Point Portal Server & Dynamics GP. GPURLMOSS is a connector between Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and Dynamics GP for facilitating flexible, easily implemented workflows, advanced search, and collaborative business intelligence for best results. Share Point library is automated to receive email and store the attachments as list item. While a user adds/updates a list item and if certain conditions foresaid by customer are satisfied, then the item’s path is updated in GP. Custom fields are created in Dynamics GP to place the invoice share point link. Mappings are created in GP in such a way the URL of the invoice is updated to the equivalent record in GP. The users have options to view documents, when and where they prefer.
GP Sales Order Entry from Web
GP Sales Order Entry from Web is a comprehensive business-management solution built on highly scalable and affordable platform. ZSL offers a cost-effective solution for managing and integrating finances, e-commerce, supply chain, manufacturing, field service, customer relationships and human resources. The application has features to display all available inventory details in GP, create an order by selecting the required items and quantity needed, and update orders in GP. The application automates the process of creating sales order from an inventory list outside GP, thereby eliminating the work of the user to update data in GP.
GP in Web
The GP in Web application provides an adaptive solution for entering, viewing and retrieving customer transaction details using web-services. A suitable sales software for tracking customer contact details, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Returns, Back Order, Fulfilment order, sales documents, etc. Customer is provided with separate login credentials to make online payments and view cash receipts anytime, anywhere. The GP in Web application is designed to provide unlimited access to sales related information, view contact details, payment details etc.
GP SOP order import excel
The tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP will allow you to import sales order from specified excel file. The tool has features to select GP’s company database and excel file of sales order transaction, read the selected excel file, create the sales order transaction in GP on SOP module, display the process status, create log file, and record it in Event Viewer.
Auto Order Transfer
ZSL’s Microsoft Dynamics GP Auto Order Transfer is an add-on component developed to supplement the functional-business needs of the business managers in automating the process of transferring sales orders to fulfilments or invoices. This add-on component is cost effective and dynamic in offering you end-to-end solutions in automating the process of transferring sales orders through one-time setups. ZSL’s Microsoft Dynamics GP Auto Order Transfer supports automatic as well manual bulk transfers scheduled periodically on daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis.
Journal Entry Excel Upload
ZSL’s Microsoft Dynamics GP Excel JE Upload is a dynamic add-on component that provides cost effective solution to import journal entries created in Excel straight away into General Ledger as a batch without the interface, Integration Manager.
You can upload the data in the Excel file to a general Journal batch. You can also upload data from the pre-defined template of Excel file to general Journal batch. This is an add-on product that can be integrated and accessed from the “General Ledger” menu under “Periodic Activities”.