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Enterprise Intelligence Computing

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

As the business environment is transforming and faces the task of sifting through enormous amounts of data, hidden in multitudes of operational and historical legacy systems, to make informed decisions. Business Intelligence solutions powered by optimally designed Data Marts or Enterprise Data Warehouses address these challenges, providing comprehensive and qualitative information. ZSL has extensive experience in providing cutting edge Business Intelligence Solutions, Business Intelligence Applications and Data Warehousing solutions to clients on a global platform. These help architect and implement end-to-end solutions that address and satisfy your business intelligence needs.

Our data warehouse/business intelligence services:
Data Modeling, Design, and Data Mapping
Data Mining and Management: SAS Miner, Intelligent Miner, Darwin
Business Intelligence: Micro strategy, Actuate, Brio, Business Objects, Cognos, Essbase,
Hyperion, Metacube, Webfocus, Hummingbird BI Suite
Data Merging, Migration, ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load) and DTS (Data
Transformation Services): Informatica, Data stage, Data junction, Trillium,
Data Flux, ETI Extract, SAS Warehouse Administrator   
DBMS implementation: Sybase, DB2 UDB, Informix, Oracle, Microsoft SQL server,
SQL Plus, and others.
SAP Business Warehouse Suite and R/3 systems
Security and Access Control: only the appropriate individuals can secure each level of data
for access from network administrators at one end, to customers at the other   
Business Impact and Reporting tools: Actuate, Crystal Reports, PRISM, and Cognos
Report Net.
We have a rich experience in executing projects in most aspects of
Data Warehousing including:
End-to-end solutions - Design, Development & Implementation
Business requirement analysis and data modeling
ETL architecture and development
Business Intelligence (BI) & OLAP Solutions
Data mining

Our Business Intelligence team comprises experts with deep understanding of the Business Intelligence Applications and technology architecture of Data Warehousing solutions. We are able to provide you a unique blend of technical and business domain expertise through successful Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions.  ZSL addresses the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence needs of a far-spread customer base, providing development support and customized consultancy on Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, with 24x7 customer support. Our Data Warehouse project development processes include critical phases such as Envision, Discover, Architect, Construct, Validate, Deploy, and Production Support.

Business Objects
Business Objects is a primary supported query tool for providing access to the Data Warehouse. A complete suite designed for performance management, information management, reporting, and query and analysis.

Business Objects delivers integrated and reliable information—inside and outside your organization—in a format that all users can understand, and manages that from a single management console that allows you to support your performance management, reporting, and query and analysis end-user requirements.

With Business Objects, you can go beyond the limits of business intelligence (BI) suites. By extending the reach of information to all users in your organization, Business Objects redefines the way your organization captures and shares knowledge. Users get the information they need in a way they understand. And best of all, information is delivered within their current environment, where they work-accurately and securely
MS Reporting & Analysis Services
MS Reporting & Analysis Services is comprehensive, integrated data management and analysis software that enables organizations to reliably manage mission-critical information and confidently run today’s increasingly complex business applications.
To make better, faster decisions. SAS equips your organization for success by helping you answer more questions, for more people, across more departments, than any other business intelligence software vendor.
ZSL offers customers and partners an information-rich, interactive, in-depth resource with everything you need to ensure success with our Informatica solutions.

Informatica is a powerful ETL tool and a leading provider of enterprise data integration software and ETL software. Informatica offers data integration and data quality solutions to address the unique challenges and requirements of different industries.

Informatica is an easy to use tool. It has got a simple visual interface like forms in visual basic. You just need to drag and drop different objects (known as transformations) and design process flow for data extraction transformation and load. These process flow diagrams are known as mappings. Once a mapping is made, it can be scheduled to run as and when required. In the background Informatica server takes care of fetching data from source, transforming it, & loading it to the target systems/databases.
Actuate offers a portfolio of Business Intelligence products to meet 100% of Enterprise Reporting, Performance Management and Java Reporting needs. The Actuate product line assures that 100% of users—customers, partners and employees—get the information they need to drive prompt, effective action. Actuate provides a variety of intuitive, personalized and easy-to-use formats that present data integrated from all relevant sources.
Cognos provide world-class enterprise BI, planning and consolidation software and services to help companies plan, understand and manage financial and operational performance. Cognos brings together technology, analytical applications, best practices, and a broad network of partners to give customers a complete performance solution. Cognos provide an open and adaptive solution that leverages an organization's ERP, packaged applications, and database investments.
TIBCO Spotfire & MDM
TIBCO Spotfire provides an incredibly fast and flexible environment for analyzing critical data to help you and your organization make better and smarter decisions. Spotfire responds faster than BI and more flexibly than spreadsheets, equipping everyone in enterprise — whether in business, technical, or scientific roles — to easily analyze complex data, customize their discovery experience, and share their story through mashups, portals or interactive dashboards. Spotfire delivers a unique combination of powerful analytics and an engaging visual experience that is both powerful and intuitive. TIBCO Spotfire is now fully compatible with the iPad™ device, so that you can interact with visualizations, reach new insights, collaborate with fellow colleagues and share your analysis within your organization or over the web – all from your personal iPad!
With TIBCO Spotfire for the iPad, you can now use: Touch-Enabled Dashboards – Right in Your Hand, Powerful Analysis, Knowledge-Sharing, Decision Making doesn’t have to happen in the office, Export and Send reports from the iPad.
Spotfire Analytics is a single platform that spans the spectrum from rapid ad-hoc analysis to building custom analytic applications, from analyzing spreadsheet and database data to real-time and event-driven data, and from desktop-based data exploration to widely distributed web-based interactive dashboards. Incorporating powerful statistics, Spotfire is the most powerful analytic platform in the world, giving individuals and organizations an immediate information advantage over their competitors.
Spotfire's interactive information visualization and analytic solutions give users a remarkable experience for quickly and easily querying data and reporting results for superior business intelligence. From portfolio management and customer retention programs to key processes such as CRM, marketing, research, bio-informatics, yield and asset management and design for manufacturing, enterprises around the world rely on Spotfire's business analytics software to improve operational performance.
Microstrategy is a business intelligence, Enterprise Reporting, and OLAP software for better business decisions. Microstrategy Platform is uniquely engineered for enterprise BI performance and scale. It also serves the rapidly changing business needs of smaller, departmental BI applications. Microstrategy provides a seamless path to migrate workgroup and departmental BI applications into an integrated enterprise BI operation. Useful for reporting and analysis of data stored in a relational database and other sources. Microstrategy Business Intelligence provides organizations with greater insights to:
Enhance cost-efficiency and productivity
Build stronger customer relationships
Optimize revenue-generating strategies
Monitor trends and discover anomalies
Forecast business opportunities
Data stage
Data Stage allows integration of the data across multiple systems and processing high volumes of the data. Data stage has an user-friendly graphical front-end to designing jobs which manage collecting, transforming, validating and loading data from multiple sources, such as the enterprise applications like Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft and mainframes, to the data warehouse systems. Data stage provides data quality and reliability for accurate business analysis and reporting.
Oracle is a multi-user database management system - A software package specializing in managing a single, shared set of information among many concurrent users. Oracle is one of many database servers that can be plugged into a client/server equation. Oracle works to efficiently manage its resource, a database of information, among the multiple clients requesting and sending dta in the network.
BOARD is providing tremendous efficiencies during the design, development and deployment of customized Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management solutions, without the need of programming. A single integrated platform combining all features and functionalities needed to build pervasive BI/CPM applications quickly. A full complement of BI & CPM functions, including reporting, multi-dimensional analysis, ad hoc querying and dash boarding, is combined with the ability to manage and monitor all performance planning and control processes, from budgeting, planning and forecasting to profitability analysis, score carding and financial consolidation.
Business Objects Xcelsius Enterprise is a new product based on the Crystal Xcelsius technology, specifically designed for use with the Business Objects platform. Crystal Xcelsius is point-and-click data visualization software that lets you easily create flash-based, interactive dashboards from Excel spreadsheets, any data source or Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) platform and share them via Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Adobe PDF, and the web.
Crystal Xcelsius uses visual modeling to bridge the gap between data analysis and visual presentation, adding value to presentation and interaction with business data. Crystal Xcelsius gives you the power to create interactive and audience-friendly:
Dashboards and Scorecards.
Dynamic Charts and Graphs.
Visual Business Analytics.
Pro Forma Budget Consoles.
Business Presentations.
You can easily communicate your results to colleagues, with Crystal Xcelsius' one-click integration of your interactive data visualizations and models into PowerPoint slides, Word documents, PDF documents, Outlook and the Web.
ZSL’s solution makes you to take faster, more intelligent business decisions that let you capture lucrative market opportunities before your competitors even realize they exist. Struggle no more to make sense of complex and confusing data. Bring Excel spreadsheets - and your customers - to life with Crystal Xcelsius. You'll see your Company's future in a whole new light.